:11 After Theatre Company

Where creativity takes center stage in the heart of Colorado! Founded on a shared passion for the performing arts, we are a dynamic community of artists, actors, and theatre enthusiasts dedicated to bringing captivating stories to life through the magic of live theatre.

Theatre seats


Our name is deeply rooted in enchantment and wonder. We started experiencing synchronicities and meaningful coincidences when the minute hand struck :11 – a magical time when the ordinary world opens up to the extraordinary. At :11 After, we believe that the stage is a canvas where dreams unfurl, emotions run deep, and voices resonate with authenticity.

On stage lights shining


Our commitment to the craft of theatre goes beyond the spotlight. We strive to engage and inspire our local community, fostering a space where emerging talents thrive and seasoned and award-winning artists continue to shine. Whether you’re in the audience or on stage, you’ll find a welcoming home in our passionate and supportive theatre family.


Come be a part of the enchantment at :11 After Theatre Company, where every show is a journey worth experiencing, and every story is one worth telling.

“Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.”